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CompanyHand has a targeted audience with millions of entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, early adopters, managers, directors, partners, and professionals worldwide. Using targeted content and social media we offer exposure to millions more. If you would like to reach this audience, CompanyHand is the place for you.

Publish your content. Distribute to our Audience.

Capture leads. Win sales.

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Sponsored Content

Premium articles and videos on topics that represent and are relevant to your business.

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Content Synchronisation

Do you have existing and published content? Synchronise this with and show it on CompanyHand.

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Native Ads

Great and easy to setup. Drive traffic to your website, a page, event (in person, conference calls, webinars) and other offerings.

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Custom Campaigns

Create a tailored campaign to suit your needs. We are happy to work with you and achieve your goals.

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Get great feedback on your business, its current offerings, and future potential offerings before launch direct from your type of customers.

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Digital Magazine Ads

Design unique digital copies that showcase your brand and message. Instantly distribute your content.

Editorial Features

Everything from Business Ideas, Startup Advice to Resources. Each editorial is unique, expert, and useful. These can be made into custom campaigns or sponsored content.

Business Spotlight

We take a unique behind the scenes look at your business, how you operate and succeed. Share tips, advice, and lessons.  These include Case Studies, Success Stories, and 1-to-1 interviews.


Have you written topics that our audience would love and find engaging. Let us do the easy work and distribute this for you.

Training or Educational Guides

Detailed, in-depth, and practical guides on different business subjects that our audience can apply. These include whitepapers, Infographics, and videos.

Product Reviews

A review of the latest products and services out that there and how good these are compared to the competition.

You’re Invited

An up-to-date and relevant list of events, conferences, webinars, competitions and awards.

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